Saturday, December 31, 2011

The End and a New Beginning...

Today we farewelled officially a large part of my scrapbooking life with the closing of Just Scrapbooking....a place where I have designed, taught and worked over a number of years. But even more so a place which has seen many tears and lots (and I mean lots) of laughter and fun. Since the announcement people have assumed that it's a sad thing but I don't see it that way at all. Jordie came to the conclusion after much deliberation with her family about what was important. So what's important?? FAMILY of course. Over the last month I have seen a friend who's excited about the future and what it holds for her, children who are excited about not having to share their Mum with a business and a grateful husband for never having to come round and empty the back dock or climb a ladder to change a flickering light again. The last few days Jordie and I have had chats about many customers who we will miss and we know we are not likely to see - those we don't know socially but have shared highs and lows with. That we'll miss, and the drop in visits from many regulars for coffee, a chat and to check out newly arrived stock. Many we will see on a social level, others we will continue to see as we frequent various bricks and mortar stores around Perth, and others we will continue to chat with via fb.

Just Scrapbooking will be open next weekend for fittings and fixture sales, keep an eye on the fb page or blog for further info.

So to Fjords....the best boss anyone could ever wish for....I thank you for creating such a fabulous store and for providing me with fantastic opportunities and most of all for being such a great friend. I am really looking forward to our scrap days/nights surrounded by the four C's - chocolate, cheesecake, coffee and champagne. <3 Meow

So what's the new beginning??? I might just keep you in suspense a little while, but let's just say the scrap mojo is flowing as I work on designing some up coming classes......

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